Artisanal Italian Cheeses Hand-Made in Brooklyn, New York

The Heritage of cheese making


Since 1976

Stemming from five generations of cheese makers, the Pecoraro family began its Lineage of fine cheese making in their native Campania Region of Italy. In the early 1970’s the Pecoraro family brought the art of traditional cheese making methods to their new home in Williamsburg Brooklyn, where they continue the tradition today. Decades old techniques as well as a passion for uncompromising quality have been the cornerstone of which the Pecoraro family has built their name on. Pecoraro Cheese is still a family owned and operated business. Today, much of the cheese making process is monitored and manufactured by specialized machinery brought in from Italy that mimics the time old technique of the “hand pulling” process. The Pecoraro family continues to holds firm to its values of making the best artisanal, premium whole Milk cheese. Unlike many of our competitors Pecoraro Cheese is one of the few original fresh cheese manufacturers who remains in Brooklyn Today.

“Like fine wine, fresh cheese is a living, breathing product that must be nurtured in every step of the process.
The difference between a good cheese and great cheese is all in the details”
- Tito Pecoraro
(Owner, Cheese Maker)

Our Products

Size: 5 lbs • Case Size:

Boasting a silky smooth texture, this product has a low moisture content making it perfect for any melting application. Our product is available salted or unsalted as well as low sodium.

Size: 1 lbs • Case Size: 30 lbs

Beautifully white in color and a creamy soft texture. Perfect for any cold application or high heat cookery such as, wood oven pizza or a crispy top of lasagna. Our Product is available salted or unsalted as well as low Sodium.

Size: 3.5 lb / Container • Case Size: 21 lbs

This pearly white, splendidly tender, cherry size fresh cheese is a must for any antipasto platter. Available salted or unsalted as well as low sodium.

Size: 1 lbs • Case Size:

Delicately enhanced by our secret blend of wood. A low moister content makes our smoked mozzarella perfect for any melting application from hot subs to crispy top of a mac n cheese

Size: 4 oz / 8 oz • Case Size: 3 lbs (4 oz / 8 oz)

This iconic old world product boasts a luscious inner creamy texture of Italian cream and pasta filata. Its delicate creamy texture and flavor make it ideal for any cold and hot application.

Size: 4 oz / 8 oz • Case Size: 3 lbs (4 oz / 8 oz)

This all-natural product is made from 100% all natural grass fed water buffalo milk curd imported from the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) from the Campania region of Italy. This Iconic product boasts an incredibly creamy texture, and unique delicate flavor.

Mozzarella Loaf
Fresh Mozzarealla – Fior di latte
Cherry Mozzarella – Ciliegine
Smoked Mozzarella – Affumicata
Fresh Burrata – Cremosa
Mozzarella di Bufala – Bufala
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We come from a long line of cheese makers. This craft has been passed on for from generation to generation. Years go by, locations change. But from the little farm in Italy to the Brownstone of New York City, the tradition of making quality cheese remains the same.
We are not in business of making cheese, we are in business of making great cheese. We use the best ingredients we can find, both locally from Upstate New York and Imported from Italy. The Cheese is as good as the ingredients you use, simple as that.
Pecoraro Cheese, Inc.
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